Sofbi Collection El Desperado Soft Vinyl Figure White

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At the Tokyo Dome, the 91st IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship El Desperado's soft vinyl, who defeated Hiromu and his first defense, is here!

The prototype is a prototype of professional wrestling, martial arts, and other athletes, and we asked Mr. HAO, who is unrivaled, to commercialize it as the 20th soft vinyl series of the manufacturer! Under the supervision of El Desperado himself, we have reproduced the commitment to masks and costumes.

・ Overall height: Approximately 13.5 cm
・ Material: Soft vinyl, PVC
・ Target age: 15 years old and over
・ Window package specifications
・ 3 movable parts (waist, shoulders)

* The posted image will be the decoration master image. Colors and specifications will be partially changed from the actual product.
* The product photo shown in PKG is a photograph of the coloring prototype, and the material is different from this product. Therefore, there will be a difference in color tone.

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