Shota Umino Pyonsuke

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It "pings" on your shoulder!
New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wrestler Stuffed Toy with Magnet
Three new members join the "PYONSUKE" lineup!
Shota Umino has a colorful hair color and costume,
Shota Umino is unique with his colorful hair and costume, as well as his small animal-like eyes and mouth!
Both the buttocks and the base have magnets built in,
The wrestler will sit securely on your shoulder if you insert the T-shirt sleeve from the front or back.
The strong magnets can be used on hoodies, jackets, thin outerwear, and caps,
It can be used to hold parkas, jackets, thin outerwear, and cap brims.
You can take "SNS-worthy photos" at home or at venues.
It can be placed on a pedestal to stand on its own and sit on the pedestal,
It can also be attached to iron materials such as cars, bicycles, furniture, and home appliances,
It can also be used for interior decoration of your room!

Main: Polyester
String: PP
Magnet: Iron, neodymium, dysprosium
Metal parts (plate): Stainless steel
Country of origin: China

▼Size (approx.)
Height 5.5"(14cm) Depth 2.75"(7cm) Width 3.35"(8.5cm)

<Please note the following when watching the games at the venue.
When attaching it to clothes or hats, please be careful not to let it fall into the line of sight of those around or behind you.

<Attention about magnet products
This product uses strong magnets.
If excessive force is applied, it may deform or tear the fabric.
Do not give this product to small children as they may accidentally ingest or eat it.
Please be careful not to let the product get wet with rain or water, as it may cause rust.
The product may deteriorate due to rust or discoloration depending on the storage conditions or environment of use.
Do not put magnets close to magnetic recording media,
Do not use magnets near medical devices such as pacemakers, cellular phones, CD players, instrument panels, or other electronic devices,