Mochi Pen Pouch Mochineko Hachiware [Pre-Order]

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New "pen pouch" in the Mochineko series!
Even though it is small, it is of course soft and chewy to the touch☆.
The shape of the pouch allows you to stand it up,
It can stand up a little bit, so you can put it "sitting" around your desk and have it with you anytime!
It has a string attached to the back of its head, so you can hang it on a hook or attach it to your bag with a carabiner,
You can hang it on a hook or attach it to your bag with a carabiner.
It can also be used to store cosmetics and accessories as well as stationery!

Size: approx. 7.09"(H) x 3.54" (W) x 3.15"(D)

18 cm (H) x 9 cm (W) x 8 cm (D)