King-Show*El Desperado Waterproof Sticker

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King-Show celebrating 35th anniversary of major debut

An unexpected collaboration between El Desperado, “the craziest scoundrel in the professional wrestling world”!
This is "Tata"
He's a bad person!
King-Show is a one-of-a-kind rock band that is celebrating its 35th anniversary since its major debut.

He also participated in the commemorative live held last year.
Due to a passionate request from El Desperado, who is known for his passionate fans,
A special collaboration has been decided!

Wearing a special attack shirt worn by Kenji Otsuki,Desperado, who takes the familiar "bad pose" at live performances, is surrounded by Masked version of King-Show members!
Superlog, who was also active in the collaboration goods between King-Show and Devilman, is in charge of the illustrations.
Strong water resistant sticker.

size: 3.94" x 5.83"(100mm×148mm)