KILO TAPE - Japanese Kinesiology Tape - (6 pieces per box)

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KILO TAPE, a Japanese Kinesiology Tape, is a favorite among New Japan Pro-Wrestlers! 6 rolls per box! 5 cm wide by 5 meters per roll!

[Super water repellent]
[Super quick drying]
[Made in Japan]

[Characteristics of KILO TAPE]
1. Water repellency and water absorption
Water repellent finish on microfiber fabric to maximize water repellency. The water absorption rate is also significantly lower than that of conventional products.

2. Breathability
Breathability is greatly improved compared to conventional products. The speed at which the fabric dries is greatly increased. The risk of irritation is greatly reduced.

3. Durability
Compared to conventional products, the durability of the fabric is doubled, and it supports for a long time. Designed to be gentle on the skin as it uses an ultra-hypoallergenic adhesive.

Size: 5cm*5m, 6 rolls per box

Fabric: Microfiber
Adhesive: Hypoallergenic adhesive
Country of origin: Japan

KILO TAPE is a Japanese Kinesiology Tape, or KT.