Introduction to New Japan Pro-Wrestling English and Español (NJPW Official Book)

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You can learn and enjoy from a very beginner level!
New Japan Pro-Wrestling" and "English" and "Lucha Libre" and "Spanish" make up the strongest tag team!

New Japan Pro-Wrestling today has athletes from more than 10 countries around the world, and foreign languages are spoken inside and outside the ring. In this book, through the original contents of "pro-wrestling" and "language", you can learn "English" and "Spanish", the two required languages for pro-wrestling fans, at the same time.
The book is also designed to be enjoyed as an "introduction to pro wrestling and lucha libre," from the explanation of match rules to the introduction of players. With the full cooperation of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Junnosuke Hamasaki and Miki Motoi supervised the language.
Pro-wrestling fans as well as beginners who are lost at the entrance will be welcomed with open arms!

*This book is a sister volume to "Introduction to New Japan Pro-Wrestling English (Official New Japan Pro-Wrestling Book)" released in November 2021. It has more introductory level content that is easier to tackle than its predecessor, so it is recommended for those who are not good at languages or have no prior learning experience.

This book is full of original "pro-wrestling" x "language" contents!

Master-Disciple Talk: Tetsuya Naito and Hiromu Takahashi
A special conversation between two men who share a deep bond as mentor and disciple, and who both made their breakthrough in the CMLL in Mexico.
The two have a special talk with each other! The 8-page interview covers everything from their encounters as new apprentices to their memories of their overseas expeditions.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling & Lucha Libre Lecture
New Japan Pro-Wrestling and English, and Lucha Libre and Spanish make up the strongest tag team in the world! First, let's learn the basics of lucha libre, including the rules and techniques, with teachers Togi Makabe and Miki Motoi (Mocky).

A total of 112 players are featured in this book! Bilingual Player's Name List 2023
This book introduces a total of 112 players, including popular New Japan Pro-Wrestling players as well as those who belong to NJPW STRONG, AEW, and CMLL! The magazine also includes the answers to an original questionnaire about language and foreign countries conducted on Japanese wrestlers.

English & Spanish Courses for Pro Wrestling Fans
The site is full of contents to learn languages, from example sentences in English & Spanish to be used at fan events, to pro wrestling quotes, grammar lessons to be learned in lucha terms, and much more. Downloadable audio is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese!

Pro Wrestling English & Lucha Spanish Language Glossary
From press conferences, in-ring microphone appeals, and live commentary, this book includes the original English and Spanish texts with Japanese translations! The book also includes commentary by four professional pro wrestling linguists (Mizusuka Koike, Chris Charlton, Junnosuke Hamasaki, and Miki Motoi).

Special interviews with Japanese athletes
Special interviews with four Japanese wrestlers (El Desperado, Great-O-Kahn, Douki, and KUSHIDA) on the themes of "languages" and "overseas" are included!

◎◎Purchase bonus is available; details will be announced at a later date.

Release date: Dec.13/2023
Author: Junnosuke Hamasaki
Author: Miki Motoi
General Supervisor: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co.