Great-O-khan Pyonsuke

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Great-O-Khan appears in "Pyonsuke"! Great-O-Khan pays attention to the presence of eyes, lips, beard, and valve hair! The amulet surface is made of thick felt, and since it is intentionally made without strings, it can be displayed as it is or handmade and processed! Luxury specifications that are particular about hats and costumes (hats cannot be removed)

Pyonsuke is the friend who sticks by you! Linked by strong magnets he can stick just about anywhere! Whether on your shoulder, in your car or just hanging around your home, Pyonsuke will stick around!

▼ material
Main: Polyester
String: PP
Magnets: iron, neodymium, dysprosium
Metal parts (plate): stainless steel
Country of origin: China

▼ Size (about)

Height 6.7 inches (when legs are extended), 5.5 inches (when legs are folded)
2.8 inches deep
3.3 inches wide

<Request when watching NJPW live>
・ Be mindful of others when wearing them.

<Notes on magnet products>
・ This product uses a strong magnet. Applying excessive force may rip the cloth.

・ Exercise caution when giving to children.

・ Please note that if this product gets wet with rain or water, it may cause rust.

・ Depending on the storage condition and usage environment, rust and discoloration may occur.

・ Do not bring a magnet near a magnetic recording medium, as data may be destroyed.

・ Do not bring magnets near medical devices such as pacemakers, electronic devices such as mobile phones, CD players, and instrument panels, as they may cause malfunctions.