KENTA Meet and Greet

TOKON SHOP Global Presents: KENTA Online Meet & Greet on July 27!

KENTA is holding an online  Meet & Greet later this month LIVE on YouTube in collaboration with Tokon Shop Global! On July 27 at   22:00 EDT / 19:00 PDT KENTA will go LIVE on YouTube and will be answering your questions and autographing exclusive merchandise!

Ask KENTA whatever you like, in English or Japanese, and get some exclusive signed goods!

Event information:Host media: YouTube Live (New Japan Pro-Wrestling English YouTube site)

Date and time:Sat,July27, 2021 7:00 PM: Los Angeles time(10:00 PM:NY time /July28, 11:00 AM: Japan time)

more info:

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ホストメディア:YouTube Live新日本プロレス英語YouTubeサイト

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