Fred Rosser Meet & Greet

TOKON SHOP Global Presents: Fred Rosser Online Meet & Greet on July 12!

Fred Rosser is holding an online Meet & Greet later this month LIVE on YouTube in collaboration withTokonShop Global!      

OnJuly 12 at 22:00 EDT / 19:00 PDTFred Rosser will go LIVE on YouTube and will be answering your questions and autographingexclusive merchandise!   

Ask Mr. No Day Off whatever you like, in English or Japanese, and get some exclusive signed goods!

Event information:Host media: YouTube Live (New Japan Pro-Wrestling English YouTube site)

Date and time: Tues,July 12, 2022 7:00 PM Los Angeles time(10:00 PM: NY time / July  13, 11:00 AM: Japan time)

※※Please enter a message or question in the memo field at the time of purchase!※※

In consideration of the large number of autographs and the wrestler's limited time, we cannot guarantee any personalization or other special requests in the order notes.

※ ※ 購入時のメモ欄にメッセージや質問を入力していただいた場合、ライブ中にご紹介できるチャンスがあります!!※ ※

日時:7月13日(金) 午前11:00~1時間程度。(日本時間)

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※本商品は7月下旬に発送いたします。 発送が遅れてすみません。