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The pamphlet for the biggest event of the year, "1.4 Tokyo Dome", which will be held for the 32nd time in total, is a larger size than the regular edition (B4 size, vertically) and covers the main event cards (9 matches) and the Antonio Inoki Memorial 6-man tag team match. The pamphlet is larger than the regular edition (B4 size, vertical) and contains 68 pages in total, covering the highlights of each event (9 matches) and the Antonio Inoki Memorial 6-man tag team match!

Interviews with Jay White, the champion, and Kazuchika Okada, the challenger, who will face off for the IWGP World Heavyweight Title, which will be the last match of the event. They each look back on the turbulent year 2022, and talk about their enthusiasm for the fight! In addition, the pamphlet features a "Memorial to Antonio Inoki," which includes a photo spread looking back on Inoki's history in New Japan, as well as a memorial interview that can only be read in the pamphlet. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Thunder Liger talk about the "fiery fighting spirit" they felt up close and personal, as well as some treasured episodes. In addition, "NJPW 2022 PLAY BACK," a 15-page book with photos of championship, tournament, and league matches held on New Japan mats in 2022, is well worth reading. It is a book that is highly valuable as a reference!

Please note that this program is written in Japanese.