Suitcase Belt World of Stardom/ Wonder of Stardom [LA Dojo Stock]

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"Suitcase Belt Wonder of Stardom"

"Suitcase Belt World of Stardom"
will be released through mail order!

You can wear the Wonder of Stardom/World of Stardom belt! ? The product is here!

You can also wrap it around your waist! ? ``Suitcase Belt Wonder of Stardom'' protects carry cases of the same size from opening.
"Suitcase Belt World of Stardom"

Introducing easy-to-use items that will brighten up your daily life ♬

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Belt: polyester
Charm (tag): PU leather

Belt: Width 50 x 1800 (mm), 1.97" x 70.87" 
Charm (tag): W120 x H120 (mm), 4.72" x 4.72"