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Buy 3 and get a free set of NJPW logo sleeves

The new "Rebirth for you New Japan Pro-Wrestling" is even more powerful than the first volume! In addition to the popular "Booster Packs", there are now 6 types of "Trial Decks", one for each faction. It's perfect for beginners to Rebirth!

Use the Trial Deck of your favorite unit as a base and use the booster packs to increase your strength! Purchase multiple Trial Decks to increase your chances of winning a rare card! There is a 1 in 3 chance to win.

For more information on how to play "Rebirth", please visit the following website (Japanese language only)

Please check out all Rebirth for you Trial Deck- 6 Styles available 

*This product is a fixed deck of 50 cards + 3 parscards.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling ver. Hontai

New Japan Pro-Wrestling ver.CHAOS

New Japan Pro-Wrestling ver.SUZUKIGUN

New Japan Pro-Wrestling ver.BULLET CLUB

New Japan Pro-Wrestling ver.L-I-J

New Japan Pro-Wrestling ver.UNITED EMPIRE


Buy 3 Rebirth for you New Japan Pro-Wrestling Trial Decks at the same time and you can get 1 set of sleeves (1 set has 55 sleeves). Special sleeve has a NJPW logo and protective film that allows cards to be inserted perfectly.

Period: July 16th till all the sleeves is gone.

Get 1 set of sleeves for every 3 NJPW trial decks that you purchase. Any combination of NJPW trial decks purchased at the same time is eligible. Mix and match OK!  

Purchase examples: 

Purchase 3 decks of the main unit → 1 set of sleeves as a gift!

Purchase 2 decks of CHAOS + 2 decks of L.I.J. + 2 decks of UNITED EMPIRE → 2 sets of sleeves will be given away!