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【Product Specifications】
・1 pack contains 6 cards
・1 box contains 10 packs
・1 random Partner Card out of 18 types is included per box

■Card Types
<Normal Cards>
RRR (Triple Rare) 10 types
RR (Double Rare) 17 types
R (Rare) 32 types
C (Common) 32 types
Re (Rebirth) 9 types
BP (Box Partner) 25 types

<Parallel Cards>
PP (Premium Parallel) 5 types
SP (Special) 5 types
RRR+ (Triple Rare+) 5 types
RR+ (Double Rare+) 17 types
R+ (Rare+) 32 types
C+ (Common+) 32 types
Re+(Rebirth+) 9 types

※There is no guarantee that a card of any particular rarity will be included within this product (including but not limited to pack, box or carton).
※Due to the nature of this product, the same cards may appear repeatedly, and it may be difficult to collect all types of cards.
※The cards in this product are packed based on the overall production quantity, rather than based on an individual box or carton.
※Please take note that there may be slight differences in manufacture depending on
the date of purchase.


【What is Rebirth?】
Rebirth is a Japanese trading card game released in March 2020, and has collaboration products with various contents such as anime, games, and now pro-wrestling!
You can enjoy just collecting the cards, or you can play 1 vs 1 games where each player builds a deck from their own collection of cards to use!