Rainmaker Dollar Shooter

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Make it rain money with the Rainmaker Dollar Shooter! Recreate Kazuchika Okada’s classic ring entrance with this cool toy!

  • Use in event venue is strictly prohibited

・ Material: ABS
-100 rainmaker dollars are included.
・ Batteries are sold separately and three AA batteries are required.
・ If a large number of sheets are loaded at a time, the jumping may be slow due to the weight.
・ Rainmaker dollars are not sold separately.

<Requests for watching the venue>
* Do not use at the tournament venue as it may cause inconvenience to other customers.

* Target age 15 years and older.
* There are small parts. Never give it to children under 3 years of age because there is a risk of accidental ingestion and suffocation.
* Do not fire at humans or animals.
* Because it is plated, there is a possibility that some scratches are attached.
* The dollar shooter pops out vigorously when in use, so make sure that there are no people or objects around and use it in a wide area.
* We are not liable for any injuries during use or damage to items if the precautions are not observed.
* Be careful not to cut your skin with dollar bills.
* Do not give a strong impact or do not disassemble, modify or repair the product yourself.
* Since it is not waterproof, do not let it get wet.
* Please keep out of reach of children.
* If you load a large number of sheets at a time, the flying may become dull due to the weight, so please use it with about 30 to 60 sheets.
* Please collect the dollar bills after launch yourself.
* Please avoid using other than the dollar bill attached to the dollar shooter.
* Remove the battery when not in use, as it may cause a malfunction.
* Do not bring close to fire as it may cause burns and deformation.
* Be careful not to get your hair caught in the motor.
* Please refrain from using lithium-ion batteries.
* If the dollar bill is warped or wrinkled, place the dollar bill on a flat surface in the room and place a flat weight on it for about 3 hours.
* Since discoloration and warping will occur, do not expose to direct sunlight, etc. Please refrain from storing in a damp place.