Mochineko Naoru Body Pillow [Pre-Order]

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In the Shinada Global Mochineko series,
Hachiware's body pillow is finally here!
It is a specification that can be used in 5WAY of "Dakimakura Breastfeeding Cushion Sitting Support Foot Pillow Plush Toy".
Healing at home time as well as at bedtime,
It can be used in various situations to support maternity / child-rearing.
Please use it as a gift or gift for your loved ones ♪

▼ Specifications
Material: Polyester
Product weight: 1.5 kg
Manufacturer recommended age: 18 months or more
* This product cannot be washed. In the unlikely event that it gets dirty
Soak a cloth in a neutral detergent diluted with water and wipe it gently.

[Mochineko Dakimakura is here]
Dakimakura is finally here in the Mochineko series, which has an irresistible chewy texture! !!
cute? Is Busa cute? I can't say anything
Embrace the mochi cat with an unhateable expression and let's sleep soundly together ♪
For mochi cat fans and those who want a good night's sleep
This item is also recommended for cat lovers.

[Melting touch]
The soft and fluffy texture
This is because we use carefully selected cotton and fabric.
Once you touch it, you will surely be healed by its melting touch.

[How to use 5WAY]
In addition to the body pillow, this product is also available
Using the belt hidden in the head and tail,
It can also be a nursing cushion.
If you use this product, you can use this product for breastfeeding time, which puts a strain on your arm.
You can spend it comfortably.

[The best hug]
This product is also recommended for pregnant women with large stomachs.
In late pregnancy, sleepless nights continue.
In such a case, this body pillow is a big success! !!
While being healed by a cute mochi cat
Look forward to the birth of your baby.

[For gifts]
Mochineko with an indescribable expression
It is an item that everyone who receives it will be pleased with.
Simple colors make it an accent in any room
It will be a fashionable interior.
It is also recommended for baby gifts and gifts for loved ones.