Lion Mark SUKAJAN JACKET 【Imported】

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50th anniversary model Sukajan souvenir jacket is now available! The design surface is fully embroidered, and this is reversible design that can be wear inside out. Grab one of these high-quality premium Sukajan jackets, the ultimate in wrestling fashion!
* The image is an image of the design stage.
* Samples are being manufactured. Images will be released as soon as the actual product sample is available

※This item is Japanese size. It will be a little smaller than the American size. Wato wearing size XL. 

M: length 63cm, Body width 53.5cm, Sleeve length 83cm, Sleeve width 22.5cm
L: length 66cm, Body width 56cm, Sleeve length 85.5cm, Sleeve width 23.5cm
XL: length 67cm, Body width 59cm, Sleeve length 88cm, Sleeve width 24cm
XXL: length 68.5cm, Body width 62cm, Sleeve length 89cm, Sleeve width 24.5cm

Material: 100% polyester
Made in China