*Limited trading card included* Starlight Kid style book SLK STYLE

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"*Limited Trading Card Included*SLK STYLE ~Starlight Kid Style Book"

Women's professional wrestling group that stirs the present
Popular professional wrestler belonging to Stardom, SLK,
Starlight Kid's first style book!
Of course, special studio shots taken down,
A long interview of over 20,000 characters, a round-table discussion with the Oedo team, and a conversation with Mr. Fuka, the master, etc.
Plenty of projects that approach the real face are also included.
Cooking class taught by El Desperado of New Japan Pro-Wrestling,
Part-time job experience at the Tokon shop, and mask dissection, which is synonymous with SLK,
Mask collection, selfie off-shots for the first time, etc.
Full of Starlight Kid figures that you can't see anywhere else!  
If you read this book, you will surely be captivated by SLK!?
Comes with a Stardom EC limited trading card that can only be obtained here, using unused photos from this paper!

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