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The new collaboration item with "ANREALAGE," which designs Okada Kazuchika's ring gear, is now complete. Wearing the history of New Japan's 50th anniversary and the history of his matches. New Japan Pro-Wrestling celebrates its 50th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of RAINMAKER. The entrance gowns worn by the great pro-wrestlers of the past will be brought back, and the textile has been placed on top of the gowns to create a new look. The history of New Japan's 50 years of battles, and the history of and 10 years of Okada Kazuchika's history. The printed pattern can be seen from a distance. When viewed from a distance, it looks like a digital graphic with a serene impression. However, when viewed up close, the history of the passionate struggle from 1972 to the present can be seen.

Size: 40 cm x 110 cm (15.75inch x 43.31inch)

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