Jay White Rider's Jacket (White & Black)[Pre-order}

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The much talked about entrance to WRESTLE KINGDOM 17, where Jay White's 'White' rider's jacket is on sale now! On the back side, is Jay's 'Tally Mark' logo and the text 'SWITCHBLADE ERA'! The size of the jacket allows it to be worn tight. The print with a sense of presence, the use of hard parts, etc. The details have also been made.


▼ Material
Front / Synthetic leather
Back / Polyester
Country of origin: China

▼ Specifications
Sleeve: Button
Waist: With belt
Shoulder: With shoulder boards
Pocket: Chest, 2x zips on the waist, flap around left abdomen

▼ Dimensions
S Size:Length 63 Width 52 Shoulder width 46 Sleeve 61.5
M size: Length 65 Width 54 Shoulder width 47.5 Sleeve 63
L Size: Length 67 Width 56 Shoulder width 48.5 Sleeve 64.5
XL Size: Length 69 Width 58 Shoulder width 50 Sleeve 66
XXL Size:Size:Length 71 Width 60 Shoulder width 51 Sleeve 67.5
S Size:Length 24.8 Width 20.4 Shoulder width 18.1 Sleeve 24.2
M size: Length 25.5 Width 21.2 Shoulder width 18.7 Sleeve 24.8
L Size: Length 26.3 Width 22.0 Shoulder width 19.0 Sleeve 25.3
XL Size: Length 25.4 Width 22.8 Shoulder width 19.6 Sleeve 25.9
XXL Size:Size:Length 27.9 Width 23.6 Shoulder width 20.0 Sleeve 26.5

▼ Notes
* Wash separately from the light-colored fabrics as colors may run during washing.
Please note that the color may transfer to other clothing (especially white goods) when it gets wet through friction, sweat or rain.
* The color may change if exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time. Please be careful when wearing and storing.
* When washing, please close the zipper and avoid scrubbing the printed part.
* Leaving it with sweat or dirt on it may cause discoloration, so clean it as soon as possible.