IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Belt Strap

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The world heavyweight belt version is now available on the popular "belt strap"!

Luxurious specifications that reproduce the brilliance of gold and silver with gold plating and nickel plating! Of course, it can be used as a strap or key ring
You can also attach it to your wrist or bag by removing the parts and fastening them with buttons.

▼ Material / Specifications
Strap part: PU
Metal part; zinc alloy
Made in China

▼ Precautions for use
・ This material is sensitive to water, so if it gets wet, wipe it off quickly.
・ Please note that the color may fade due to water or friction.
-Be careful not to hit the glass etc. as there are hard parts.
・ Do not apply excessive force. It may cause injury or damage.
-If it is damaged or deformed, stop using it without repairing or modifying it.
・ Keep away from fire and heat sources. It may be deformed or deteriorated.
・ Store out of reach of children, avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.
Please do not touch it.
・ Avoid using it for any other purpose.