IWGP Heavyweight Champion Belt First Model Replica [Pre-Order]

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New Japan Pro-Wrestling 50th Anniversary Next Year A gem that feels the weight of the history of New Japan Pro-Wrestling! The first IWGP heavyweight championship belt replica model!

Based on past materials and commercialization results, we have manufactured a new prototype and mold this time and adopted 18 gold for the plated part. The 50th anniversary commemorative specification is full of luxury, such as using glass parts for the 213 large and small rhinestones.

* This product is scheduled to be delivered in April 2022.

■ Materials: Die-cast parts (zinc alloy), hooks (iron), belt parts (cowhide / PU processing), stones (crystal)
■ Size: Overall length approx. 125 x 12 cm Main plate diameter approx. 20.5 cm Side plate diameter 6.5 cm
■ Weight: Approximately 2.7kg
■ With special cloth cover with lion mark logo embroidery
■ Serial number included * Serial number cannot be selected

* Cancellation is not accepted as it is a completely made-to-order product.
* The case is made of strong cardboard and is delivered with cushioning material wrapped around it.
* The outer box is for protecting the belt body. Please note that scratches on the box and fine wrinkles on the leather part of the belt are not subject to defective products.
* We will not sell to customers for resale.
* Limited to 1 per person
* This product cannot be bundled with other products.