Introduction to New Japan Pro-Wrestling English (New Japan Pro-Wrestling Official Book)

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Let's use this book in reverse and learn "professional wrestling" x "Japanese"!

[78 people posted! Bilingual version player directory]
Featuring wrestlers not only active in Japan, but NJPW Strong wrestlers as well!

Learn Japanese in a fun and unique setting, this book is originally intended for Japanese learners of English, but is also great for students of Japanese as well!
This original questionnaire was given to 20 foreign players. A surprising side is also revealed.

An original questionnaire was given to 20 foreign wrestlers. A surprising side is also revealed.

[Must see! Wrestling English picture book]
Introducing expressions related to body parts, match venues, professional wrestling techniques, and championship belts as a set with illustrations and photos!

[Permanent preservation version! Professional wrestling English dictionary]
Introducing a wide range of expressions unique to professional wrestling that are not listed in the dictionary, from slang that can never be used in everyday conversation, to expressions in everyday conversation!

Thorough dissection! Foreign wrestler's English]
Includes an exclusive interview with Jay White, a press conference with Will Ospreay, and backstage comments with Zack Sabre Jr.

* Design and contents are subject to change.