Hiroshi Tanahashi Support Towel [Pre-order]

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■ Important!

※Pre-order period: From August 7th 23:00 to August 15th 23:00 (PDT)

※ These items are available for pre-order. If you place an order that includes this item, all items ordered will be shipped together on the same date. If you want to receive regular items before this date, please make sure to place separate orders.

※ This item will be shipped from October onwards.

The design is "cheering" with "face photo + name (Japanese + English)"!
Hiroshi Tanahashi looks like an exceptional player!
The "White x Red x Blue" coloring makes the letters "GO ACE!
The microfiber material allows for vivid coloring of photos,
The microfiber material allows for vivid photo reproduction, and its thinness makes it convenient for carrying around to venues and events.
The size of the face towel makes it easy to hold up when cheering!

▼ Specifications
Material: 100% polyester
Country of origin: Body China Printing Japan

▼ Requests for use at venues
When cheering with it in your hand, it will be in the line of sight of customers around you,
Please do not raise it above your face or swing it around.

Cautions for use
Please do not leave the product wet with sweat or water, or the color may migrate to other items.
Please do not use chlorine detergent or bleach.
Please put the garment in a net and wash on low heat.
When washing, please do it alone.