G1 CLIMAX 31 Dry T-shirt [Pre-Order]

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Pre-Order Period:

From 0:00 on September 14th to 0:00 on October 25th (PDT)

※This item is Japanese size.
It will be a little smaller than the American size.

Continuing from last year, this year's G1 commemorative T-shirt is also antibacterial and deodorant.
Uses a high-performance dry shirt that absorbs UV rays and dries quickly!
With yellow x red x white coloring
Designed the tournament logo and the catchphrase "Max the Max".
The tournament schedule and venue are printed on the back along with the lion mark and tournament logo.

・ Ibushi's wearing size is "L size"
-Since it is a textile product, there may be an error of several centimeters.
・ The actual color may differ from the product image.
100% polyester, 4.3oz

S size
Height 25.6" Width 18.5" Shoulder width 16.1" Sleeve length 7.9"
M size
Height 26.8" Width 19.7" Shoulder width 16.9" Sleeve length 8.3"
L size
Height 28.0" Width 20.9" Shoulder width 18.1" Sleeve length 8.7"
XL size
Height 29.1" Width 22.0" Shoulder width 19.3" Sleeve length 9.1"

■ Uses antibacterial Polygiene T-shirt
<Do not smell sweat>
High-performance dry T-shirt with antibacterial deodorant, UV protection, and quick-drying water absorption.
Polygin suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause sweat odor and room-drying odor.
Prevents the generation of odors.
Silver ions suppress the growth of bacteria on the fiber and prevent odors from the beginning.

<Environmental consideration>
The active ingredient, silver chloride, is environmentally friendly and fragrance-free.
The antibacterial and deodorant function reduces the number of washings and reduces the impact on the environment.

<Because I wash every day, cleanliness is wrong>
Bacteria will not be removed unless the water is above 73 ° C.
The number will increase over time.
Clothes that have been treated with Polygiene suppress the growth of odor-causing bacteria and are much cleaner.