Francisco Akira “Strawberry Daifuku” Sports Towel [Pre-order]

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■ Important!

※Pre-order period: From 18:00 on May 17th to 18:00 on June 2nd (PT)

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Produced by Akira!
Francisco Akira's new towel is completed!
A bold design of "Strawberry Daifuku", the player's favorite food!
The illustration of a player stuffing his mouth with “Strawberry Daifuku” has an outstanding impact!
"BUONO!" is an Italian word meaning "delicious."

Size: 15.7"×43.3" (40×110cm)
Made in JAPAN
Material: 100% cotton 


■What's Japanese “Strawberry Daifuku”(苺大福)

It refers to a fresh Japanese confectionery with strawberries inside the bean paste wrapped in gyuhi, and there are two known manufacturing methods: one in which the strawberries are completely wrapped in gyuhi along with the bean paste, and the other in which the strawberries are inserted into the slits of daifuku mochi. There are many variations, such as coloring the gyuhi pink to match the color of the strawberries and using fresh cream, and various ideas have been made for the filling, such as adzuki bean paste or white bean paste.

Since it uses strawberry fruit, which is a fresh product, it has a relatively short shelf life. When you eat strawberries, you may experience a tingling sensation on your tongue, but this is due to the carbon dioxide emitted by strawberries, and the tingling sensation becomes stronger as time passes.

In recent years, ``Fruit Daifuku,'' a derivative of strawberry daifuku, has appeared, wrapping various fruits such as kiwifruit, oranges, and grapes instead of strawberries.