FANTASTICA MANIA 2024 Pamphlet [Pre-Order]

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Please note that this program is written in Japanese.

It's already a winter tradition!
The 12th FANTASTICA MANIA pamphlet is full of things this year!
In addition to the profiles of all 18 players selected from CMLL,
We also have a map that will help you remember where in Mexico you are from.
The powerful illustrations of all the players drawn by manga artist Yo Fukaya,
It perfectly captures the moment when Lucha's magic explodes.
In the annual Spanish mini corner,
First of all, we have carefully selected 10 phrases that you want to memorize, so let's use them to support you!
Full of fascinating Lucha technique photos,
A book that both beginners and enthusiasts can enjoy.
It's fun even if you don't know
Packed with the charm of Lucha that will be even more fun if you know it.
A fantastic brochure
Great as a companion for watching games or as a souvenir for friends.
Perfect for seasonal greetings!