BUSHI(2) Pyonsuke

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Ride "Pyon" on your shoulders!

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wrestler with Magnet Plush Toy
A new design by BUSHI is now available in "Pyonsuke"!
The second design of BUSHI player is "whole body white version"
A face with a tongue full of small devilish feeling,
The design of the Japanese archipelago on the right hip,
Blond back hair protruding from the back of the mask, etc.
Don't miss the particular points!
Since magnets are built in both the buttocks and the pedestal,
If you pinch it from the front and back of the T-shirt sleeve,
The wrestler sits firmly on your shoulder ☆
Because it uses a strong magnet, Parker,
Jacket, thin outerwear,
Hold firmly if the thickness is about the brim of the cap.
You can take "SNS-friendly photos" at home or at the venue.
If you put it on the pedestal, you can sit independently as it is,
Cars, bicycles, furniture, home appliances, etc.
It can also be attached to iron material, so
It could be used for room interiors and decorations!

▼ Material
Main: Polyester
String: PP
Magnets: iron, neodymium, dysprosium
Metal parts (plate): Stainless steel
Country of origin: China

▼ Size (approx.)
Height 17 cm (when legs are extended), 14 cm (when legs are folded)
Depth 7 cm
Width 8.5 cm

<Request when watching the venue>
・ When attaching to clothes or hats
Please be careful not to get in the way of your eyes around you or behind you.

<Notes on magnet products>
-This product uses a strong magnet.
If you apply excessive force,
It may be deformed or the fabric may be torn.
・ There is a risk of accidental ingestion or accidental ingestion.
Never give it to small children.
・ If the product gets wet due to rain or water,
Please note that it may cause rust.
・ Depending on the storage condition and usage environment,
It may deteriorate due to rust and discoloration.
・ When the magnet is brought close to the magnetic recording medium,
Data may be corrupted, so
Please keep away.
・ Medical devices such as pacemakers, mobile phones,
CD player, instrument panel, etc.
When you bring a magnet close to an electronic device,
There is a risk of failure, so
Please keep away.