Antonio Inoki - Tokon Scarf Towel (Pre-order)

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Antonio Inoki's trademark, Tokon Towel is available to pre-order!

The Japanese Characters 闘魂 (fighting spirit) and Inoki-san's signature are embroidered in gold thread on this red towel.

Towel size: 20 cm x 140 cm
Outer box size: 195 mm x 295 mm
Material: 100% cotton Made in Imabari, made in Japan

* This item is in a box. As for the outer box, it will be the packing material for the product.
Except for damage that affects the main body, it cannot be replaced due to dirt, scratches, dents, etc.

※It may take some time to ship because it is imported from Japan.

* This product will be shipped around late June 2022. Sorry for the delay in shipping.

* This product will be bundled with other products you ordered. If you want to purchase other items and have them arrive early, please order separately.