Tetsuya Naito "CORRIENDO" Dry T-shirt [Pre-Order]

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Pre-Order Period:

From 0:00 on September 14th to 0:00 on October 25th (PDT)

※This item is Japanese size.
It will be a little smaller than the American size.

"Keep running for a fate you haven't seen yet!"
Tetsuya Naito's new T-shirt is the first to be adopted by New Japan Pro-Wrestling
For high-performance dry T-shirts (Polygin viral off)
One piece with a sporty design!
With the motif of his specialty "Coriend type Destino"
Imagine a simple yet fast-paced feeling
Designed the characters "CORRIENDO >>> DESTINO".
L ・ I ・ J team logo on the right sleeve, and the technique is being activated on the back
Larger layout of the logo using the silhouette.
Below the logo is "How to apply the technique of Coryend type Destino"
Notated in Spanish text.
It is also good to use in sports scenes such as running and walking!

・ The size worn by Naito is "L size".
-Since it is a textile product, there may be an error of several centimeters.
・ The actual color may differ from the product image.
・ 100% polyester, 4.3oz

S size
Height 25.6" Width 18.5" Shoulder width 16.1" Sleeve length 7.9"
M size
Height 26.8" Width 19.7" Shoulder width 17.0" Sleeve length 8.3"
L size
Height 28.0" Width 20.9" Shoulder width 18.1" Sleeve length 8.7"
XL size
Height 29.1" Width 22.0" Shoulder width 19.3" Sleeve length 9.1"

▼ "Polygiene Viral Off ®" antiviral processing technology
ViralOff® is an antiviral processing technology developed in Sweden.
With silver chloride as the active ingredient, it reduces the number of certain viruses on the fiber by 99% within 2 hours.
By suppressing the growth of certain bacteria
It is a technology to keep the products around us clean and safe.
Its effect has been proven to be effective in antiviral tests (ISO18184: 2019).
Viral Off® is a policy that Polygin has set up since its inception.
"Environmental consideration" and "safety" are also taken into consideration.

■ Uses antibacterial Polygiene T-shirt
<Do not smell sweat>
High-performance dry T-shirt with antibacterial deodorant, UV protection, and quick-drying water absorption.
Polygin suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause sweat odor and room-drying odor.
Prevents the generation of odors.
Silver ions suppress the growth of bacteria on the fiber and prevent odors from the beginning.

<Environmental consideration>
The active ingredient, silver chloride, is environmentally friendly and fragrance-free.
The antibacterial and deodorant function reduces the number of washings and reduces the impact on the environment.

<Because I wash every day, cleanliness is wrong>
Bacteria will not be removed unless the water is above 73 ° C.
The number will increase over time.
Clothes that have been treated with Polygiene suppress the growth of odor-causing bacteria and are much cleaner.