LIJ Fashion mask -Black

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Tokon Shop Global's new antibacterial fashion mask makes your stay fashionable on the go!

▼ Size
18.5 x 15 cm (7.3 inches x 5.9 inches)

▼ Specifications
95% polyester 5% polyurethane 5%
Country of origin: China
Antibacterial function

▼ Notes
・ This product is a fashion mask. Fashion masks are not a substitute for pollen and antivirus surgical masks.

・ To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, it is recommended to use a filter such as gauze.

・ This product is washable. Be sure to wash before use.

・ Should you feel unwell, discontinue use. Hand washing is recommended.

・ Please note that the color may fade or fade if used repeatedly.

・ Some shrinkage may occur after washing.

・ Do not wash with white objects. There is a risk of discoloration.

・ Please refrain from using bleach or a rotary dryer.