STARDOM SPORTS Long sleeve Piste [Pre-Order]

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Pre-Order period: From May 21st 23:00 to June 5th 23:00

【Imported】※This item is Japanese size. It will be a little smaller than the American size.

Thank you for waiting, STARDOM fans! !

On May 4th, a new product that was released from the Fukuoka International Center Tournament!

Unlike a windbreaker, it does not have a hood, so it is easy to put on and take off.

Please purchase it♪

 A piste is a winter garment worn for the purpose of temperature control. It is similar to a windbreaker, but the piste is basically a pullover type, and it differs from a windbreaker in that it does not have a hood or zipper.

[Size: inch.]

M size Length 28.34", Width 22.44", Sleeve length 33.86"
L size Length 29.53", Width 23.62", Sleeve length 34.65"
XL size Length 30.71", Width 24.8", Sleeve length 35.43"
XXL size Length 31.89", Width 26.38", Sleeve length 36.22"

[Size: cm]

M size Length 72 cm, Width 57 cm, Sleeve length 86 cm
L size Length 75 cm, Width 60 cm, Sleeve length 88 cm
XL size Length 78 cm, Width 63 cm, Sleeve length 90 cm
XXL size Length 81 cm, Width 67 cm, Sleeve length 92 cm