Tamu Nakano World of Stardom Coronation Hexagram Pendant [Pre-order]

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In commemoration of Tamu Nakano's World of Stardom crown,
We have a special necklace for you.

Tamu Nakano's icon, the six-pointed star
Combined with the image color purple pyramid
Finished in an antique style.
In addition, special engraving on the back of the pendant top etc.
It is a gem of a person's commitment.

Because it is a chic antique color
There is no doubt that it goes well with everyday fashion.
In addition, the pendant top is coated,
The black sulfide film is less likely to stick to your skin or clothes when worn.

For all Tamu Nakano fans
A necklace to share a special moment
Please buy it.

Top: brass (coating), resin
Chain: brass


Top: W0.62" H0.79" D0.08"
Chain: Total length 19.7"

Top: W16mm H20mm D2mm
Chain: Total length 500mm

*Product images are in production, so
"The products that we actually offer are
 The specifications will be changed as follows.
note that.
・The chain is a little thinner than the photo
・The part that connects the top and the chain
 From C-shaped to round-shaped

*In the photo, the light was strong when the photo was taken.
"The chain looks silver
"It's actually an antique brass color."
(Please recognize that the color is closer to the top part)

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The brand name was attached with the implication that it is a Japanese expression that is easy for foreigners to understand.

Even if it is a world standard, it is not inferior to one step,
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For Japanese people, the samurai spirit is revived,
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