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Don't hesitate, buy it! Buy it and you'll understand! The first high-definition Blu-ray box set of Antonio Inoki's Burning Fighting Spirit, featuring 26 fierce fights carefully selected by Antonio Inoki himself, as well as a collection of famous scenes from Inoki's own words.

2020 marked the 60th anniversary of Antonio Inoki's professional wrestling debut in 1960. He has given courage, inspiration and dreams to many fans. This box contains selected words of Inoki's "Roar of the Soul" and 26 of his most famous fights selected by Inoki himself. The box contains a complete collection of Inoki's "soul cries", which are known as the "Inoki's words". The first Antonio Inoki Blu-ray!
In addition to the 26 famous fights selected by Antonio Inoki that have left their mark on history, the film also includes a complete collection of his promos, a total of over 15 hours of Inoki on the mic!

"Try to slit my throat!" "If you're so inclined, I'll do it."
"Who'd be stupid enough to think about losing before they go out?" *
"I'll accept anyone's challenge, anytime, anywhere.
"I don't know what I'll do if I go this way.
"No matter how hard the road is, let's walk it with a smile on our faces!" And...
I am now the homeless man of my life.", "One, two, three, dah!" "Genki desu ka?" and so on, the list is endless.

When and where were Inoki's famous promos born? This DVD contains footage that has never been shown to the public before, this is a fascinating look at the history of New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1972, and how it was born. From the rare footage of New Japan Pro-Wrestling's 1972 first ever show to the first-ever footage of a Japanese wrestler cutting a promo. From footage of the 1972 New Japan Pro Wrestling inaugural match, to his matches with big-name Japanese wrestlers, the martial arts world championship, the IWGP concept, the war with the UWF, the generational struggle, the TPG, Genichiro Tenryu matches, the war with UWF, the countdown to retirement, Retirement matches, martial arts road, etc., the turbulent New Japan Pro-Wrestling. The 1970s to the 2000s, in chronological order!

The "Roar of the Soul" disc includes the first-ever release of a documentary on Antonio Inoki. The Roar of the Soul disc contains exclusive footage of Antonio Inoki's private life, which is being shown for the first time on all media! The focus is on his izakaya (Japanese-style pub) talk with his beloved pupil Yoshiaki Fujiwara. The talk between the two, who shared many hardships, is a must-see. You can enjoy reminiscences of past opponents and the true face of his fiery fighting spirit!

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Disc 1

Antonio Inoki: The Roar of the Soul - Masterpieces of Famous Scenes from the Inoki Storybook - ] (180 min.)
The record of Inoki's most famous sayings and promos!

"I'll accept anyone's challenge, anytime." "If you're so inclined, I'll accept your challenge." "I don't know what will happen if I go this way." "No matter how tough the road may be, let's walk it with laughter!" I am now the homeless man of my life", etc. The Inoki promos that are full of anger, anger, emotion and laughter, and have been passed down to the present day. In addition to many famous scenes, Inoki's life as a wrestler is recounted in a total of 180 minutes of rare footage, including exclusive footage of Inoki's private life that has never been shown to the public before.

Disc 2

Antonio Inoki: The Roar of the Soul - Inoki's Record of Famous Scenes] (187 mins)
The Inoki Story behind the great fights and scenes! Filled with anger, anger, emotion, and laughter. The Inoki Story is full of anger, anger, excitement, emotion and laughter, and is still talked about to this day. In addition to the many famous scenes, this is the first time all media will be able to see them. Inoki's private footage, which has been exclusively obtained and is being shown for the first time in all media. In addition to the many famous scenes, we also have exclusive access to Inoki's private footage, which is being released to all media for the first time.

Disc 3
Antonio Inoki's self-recommended masterpieces I (178 mins)
2 Dec 1969, Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
Dory Funk Jr. vs Antonio Inoki
The young Inoki, known as "The Young Lion", took on the world champion.

4 Dec 1971 Miyagi Sports Centre
Antonio Inoki vs Dick Murdoch
A famous match from the days of Japanese pro wrestling, when Antonio Inoki took on the mad dog Murdoch.

6 Mar 1972 Ota Ward Gymnasium
Antonio Inoki vs Karl Gotch
Antonio Inoki challenged his mentor Karl Gotch in the New Japan Pro Wrestling inaugural match.

19 Mar 1974 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Strong Kobayashi
A due between two Japanese legends that shook Japan at the time!

26 June 1974 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
Antonio Inoki vs Tiger Jeet Singh
Legendary arm-folding incident! An angry Inoki relentlessly attacked the arm of the "Indian Mad Tiger".

Disc 4
Antonio Inoki: A Collection of Self-Recommended Masterpieces II (296 mins).
9 Oct 1975 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Lou Thesz
Antonio Inoki takes on the world champion, the iron man Lou Thesz, in a superb wrestling match.

11 Dec 1975 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Bill Robinson
Once voted No.1 match of New Japan Pro-Wrestling by the fans, a heated 60-minute match!

10 September 1976 Shinagawa Sports Land
Antonio Inoki vs Billy Graham
Superstar Billy Graham, the original muscular wrestler, challenged Inoki!

7 Oct 1976 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Andre the Giant
A great match, considered the best of the many fights between the "Giant of the World" Andre and Inoki.

2 August 1977, Nippon Budokan
Antonio Inoki vs The Monsterman Everett Eddy
No. 1 in the best inter-martial arts fights of all time, with Monsterman's blows hitting Inoki.

8 Feb 1978 Nippon Budokan
Antonio Inoki vs Ueda Umanosuke
New Japan Pro Wrestling's only nail-biter death match! The evil heel Umanosuke attacks Inoki.

26 November 1978 Gilsberg Hall, Stuttgart
Antonio Inoki vs Laurent Bock
Inoki and his disciple Fujiwara embarked on a tour of Europe. They faced Bock, considered the strongest man in Europe, in their final match.

5 Dec 1978 Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
Antonio Inoki vs Kantaro Hoshino
The only surviving singles match between Kantaro Hoshino and Inoki.

27 Feb 1980 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Willie Williams
New Japan vs Kyokushin Karate! A cross-fighting match that put the prestige of the organisation on the line.

3 April 1980, Kuramae Kokugikan
Stan Hansen vs Antonio Inoki
Extreme physical clash! "The Unsinkable Ship" Stan Hansen and Inoki in an ultimate masterpiece.

Disc 5
Antonio Inoki: A Collection of Self-Recommended Great Matches III (282 mins.)
21 April 1982 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Jesse Ventura
Inoki clashed with Jesse Ventura, who later became a politician. It was an unusual showdown between two future politicians!

4 Nov 1982 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Rusher Kimura, Animal Hamaguchi and Isamu Teranishi
An irregular tag-team match in which the Hagakurei Kokusai Gundan put their male pride on the line.

2 June 1983 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Hulk Hogan
The legendary "Inoki's incident with his tongue sticking out" caused a commotion in the venue!

2 Aug 1984 Kuramae Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Riki Choshu
Chikara Choshu, a member of the Ishin Gundan, went head-to-head with Antonio Inoki in a battle for his long-cherished dream of surpassing Inoki.

18 Apr 1985 Ryogoku Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Bruiser Brody
Bruiser Brody transferred from All Japan Pro-Wrestling! He challenged Inoki to a singles match.

19 September 1985 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Antonio Inoki vs Tatsumi Fujinami
Inoki and his disciple Fujinami in a classic match to save New Japan from the fate of the UWF.

6 February 1986 Ryogoku Kokugikan
Antonio Inoki vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara
New Japan vs. UWF, with a submission duel!

17 Jun 1986 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
Antonio Inoki vs Andre the Giant
Everyone in the world dreamed of an Ippon victory over Andre the Giant... and Inoki took on that dream!

29 April 1995, Pyongyang May Day Stadium
Antonio Inoki vs Ric Flair
A quarter of a century ago, a peace festival was held with over 190,000 people in attendance, and this match was the main event of the event.

4 January 1996 Tokyo Dome
Antonio Inoki vs Big Bang Vader
Inoki decided to retire and took on Big Bang Vader. Vader's German rocked the Tokyo Dome!

4 April 1998 Tokyo Dome
Antonio Inoki vs Don Frye
The final chapter of the burning fighting spirit! Don't miss the parade of special moves Inoki showed at the end!

The words and fights are based on assumption. The content is subject to change.

Special 2022 Fighting Spirit Calendar.

Blu-ray specification
2021 / Japan / Colour / Total 943 mins ('The Roar of the Soul': 187 mins, 'Self-Recommended Great Matches I': 178 mins, 'II': 296 mins, 'II': 296 mins)
II: 296 mins, III: 282 mins) / Linear PCM (stereo, some mono) / 16:9 1920 x 1080p
16:9 1920x1080i Full High Definition / "The Roar of the Soul" and "Self-Recommended Great Game Collection I": 1 layer, "Self-Recommended Great Game Collection II": 1 layer, "Self-Recommended Great Game Collection III": 1 layer
Self-Recommended Masterpiece Collection II and III: 2-layer / MPEG-4AVC / 4-disc set
Specifications are subject to change.

2021 TV Asahi/New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Distributor: Tokyo Sound Productions
Distributor: TC Entertainment