IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Will Ospreay Photo Frame 2021.4.4 [Pre-Order]

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An autographed photo frame of Will Ospreay, who became the second champion in the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship held on April 4 (Sun) (Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo). A memorial photo frame created using the photos of the day.


【Regarding photo frame sales】 March 21st and April 4th Will Ospreay's autographed photo frame The release will be postponed after August. We will inform you after the decision.


Pre-Order period: From April 26th 00:00 (PDT) to May 12th 07:59 (PDT)

We will deliver it by putting the player's autograph and serial number in the frame.

This collector's item is individually hand-crafted, so each item will have slight differences to distinguish it. The wrestler will individually autograph each photo.

Size: Approx. W40 x 33 (cm) with autograph, serial number, aluminum frame

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