New Japan Pro-Wrestling SOUL SPORTS Tracksuit 2023【Imported】

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The New Japan Pro-Wrestling jerseys for 2023 are black, with blue highlights and the zipper and logo are white.

The front of the jacket has an asymmetrical design. SOUL SPORTS logo and NJPW word logo embroidered! Lion mark and company name are printed on both sleeves. The trousers are designed with a silhouette that is also particular about the silhouette. The diagonal cut of the trousers gives them a stylish look. The same word logo as the jacket is embroidered on the left thigh and the SS logo on the right thigh.


▼ Material
polyester 95%, polyurethane 5%
Cardboard jersey

▼ Specifications
Outerwear: Front zipper, pockets on left and right sides
Collar / cuffs / hem = ribs
Right chest / back logo = embroidery
Left chest logo = emblem

Pants: Waist elastic + string,
There are pockets on the left and right sides, and there is a hip pocket on the right side.
Hem = rib
Right foot logo = embroidery
Left foot logo = emblem

▼ Dimensions
* Size specifications are different from past jersey products.
please note.
S size
Outerwear: Length 66 cm Width 49 cm Shoulder width 40 cm Sleeve length 62 cm
Pants: Waist 65-75cm Inseam 70cm Watari 31cm Total length 98cm

M size
Outerwear: Length 68 cm Width 52 cm Shoulder width 42 cm Sleeve length 62 cm
Pants: Waist 75-85cm Inseam 72cm Watari 32cm Total length 101cm

L size
Outerwear: Length 70 cm Width 54 cm Shoulder width 44 cm Sleeve length 64 cm
Pants: Waist 85-95cm Inseam 74cm Watari 33cm Total length 104cm

XL size
Outerwear: Length 73 cm Width 58 cm Shoulder width 46 cm Sleeve length 65 cm
Pants: Waist 90-105cm Inseam 76cm Watari 34cm Total length 107cm

XXL size
Outerwear: Length 76 cm Width 62 cm Shoulder width 52 cm Sleeve length 66 cm
Pants: Waist 100-115cm Inseam 77cm Watari 35cm Total length 110cm

※This item is Japanese size.
It will be a little smaller than the American size.

This product uses a paper core material to prevent distortion and reinforce the embroidery during the embroidery process.
On the back side after embroidery, the paper core remains visible on the part other than the embroidery thread.
The paper core has been removed in advance for the large area.
The parts with a small area and the parts with thin embroidery characters are structurally very delicate, and there are circumstances in which all of them cannot be removed.

Embroidery is a state in which one thread is connected, so if you try to remove all the hard and firm paper cores,
Because the thread breaks and the embroidery frays, the thread is pulled and the embroidery is distorted, etc. easily occur.
It is necessary to leave some paper core for the part where the area is small and the part where the embroidery characters are thin.

The remaining paper core will soften and gradually peel off when it is soaked by washing, so do not force it off.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could remove the part that has come off due to washing while holding down the embroidered part.
In particular, the peeled paper core may be noticeable during the first to several washings, so it is safe to use a washing net to prevent the paper core from adhering to other clothes.