NJPW x NERDS Clothing Hiromu Jacket

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The ticking time bomb, Hiromu Takahashi is getting his own silk jacket! The wild, charismatic dynamo of NJPW is making his awesome jacket available to fans all over the world!


NJPW of America is teaming-up with popular designer NERDS clothing to bring this silk jacket to fans world wide. This gorgeous satin jacket is now available on the Tokon Shop Global.



Visit NERDS Clothing here:



Product specifications:



Inside and outside shell: 100% Satin.

Neck, bottom, and wrist cuffs: Polyester


All sizes US sizes

S: Length: 26", Shoulder: 17", Chest: 20.5", Waist: 18" Sleeve: 24", Arm diameter: 9.5"

M: Length: 27", Shoulder: 17.5", Chest: 21", Waist: 18.5" Sleeve: 26", Arm diameter: 10.5"

L: Length: 28", Shoulder: 18.5", Chest: 22", Waist: 19" Sleeve: 27", Arm diameter: 11"

XL: Length: 29", Shoulder: 19", Chest: 23", Waist: 20" Sleeve: 28", Arm diameter: 11.5"