NJPW The 4th IWGP Heavyweight Championship Replica Belt 50th Anniversary Model

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Get these exclusive high-end replica belts! Each belt is individually hand-crafted and made with high-end materials to the exact same specifications as the original!


As a 50th anniversary model, the four plates on each side have been redesigned. All of the names of the past champions were manufactured using new molds. Also, the embroidery on the belt cloth bag was changed to the 50th anniversary logo.

 This product is scheduled to be shipped in September 2022.

The case is made of strong cardboard and will be delivered with cushioning material wrapped around it.
The case is made of strong cardboard and delivered with cushioning material. Please note that scratches on the box and minor wrinkles on the leather part of the belt are not considered defective.
We do not sell to customers for resale.
Please note that this product is not for resale.
This product can not be bundled with other products.

Material: die-cast parts: zinc alloy, hooks: iron, black resin on small round parts: epoxy resin, rhinestones: acrylic, belt: cow leather (PU processing), embroidered cover: polyester
Belt size: approx. 132cm
Weight: approx. 3kg
Special cloth cover with embroidered 50th anniversary logo

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