Book "Footprints (KENTA Autobiography)

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Please note that this book is written in Japanese.

From "The Handsome Man" to "The Charisma of the Ark" to "Itami Hideo" to "The Worst Intruder in History." This book reveals the real truth about the man who straddles both good and evil.

After 20 years since his debut, KENTA has broken new ground in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling ring. This autobiographical book looks back on the life of KENTA.
KENTA has been a member of All Japan, NOAH, WWE, New Japan, and other major organizations in Japan and abroad. He had a tumultuous and turbulent wrestling career with peaks and valleys. KENTA, who has been pursuing the path of professional wrestling with unwavering determination, speaks for the first time about his resolve. KENTA, who has been working his way up the ladder of professional wrestling with determination, spoke for the first time about his resolve. 

Chapter 1: A mischievous of boyhood (0~15 years old)
Chapter 2: High school years, and dreams of a future in the diamond. (15~18 years old)
Chapter 3: The good old days of old-fashioned strictness to trainees (18~19 years old)
Chapter 4: Conflicts and finding myself as a rookie (19~21 years old)
Chapter 5: My breakout period when I was secretly thinking of retiring (22~24 years old)
Chapter 6: The period of fulfilment when I arrived at the centre of the Ark (age 24~28)
Chapter 7: Two long-term absences and moving to heavyweight (age 29~32)
Chapter 8: WWE era of injury and anguish (33~38 years old)
Chapter 9: New Japan era where I found a new me (age 38~)

Written by KENTA
Published by Baseball Magazine. The first printing. 

 * This product is written in Japanese

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