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United Empire, debut in football! Produced under the direction of Will Ospreay and inspired by the World Cup, these soccer jersey style shirts are now available.

In black, gold, and green and emblazed with the team name, crown logo, and CASTLE logo on the front. It is made of dry mesh material with water absorption and quick-drying properties. It can also be worn when playing sports too!

It is also good for layering with long sleeves or a hoodie when cheering for the game! 

Click here for the UNITED EMPIRE promotion video!


▼ Specifications
Material: 100% polyester, reversible mesh
About 5.3 ounces (150g/㎡)
Full-surface transfer printing specifications

[Size S]
   length 65, width 49, shoulder width 42, sleeve length 19
[Size M]
   length 69, width 52, shoulder width 46, sleeve length 20
[Size L]
   length 73, width 55, shoulder width 50, sleeve length 22
[Size XL]
   length 77, width 58, shoulder width 54, sleeve length 24
[XXL (3L) ]
   length 81, width 63, shoulder width 57, sleeve length 25

[Size S]
   length 25.6, width 19.3, shoulder width 16.5, sleeve length 7.4
[Size M]
   length 27.1, width 20.4, shoulder width 18.1, sleeve length 7.8
[Size L]
   length 28.7, width 21.6, shoulder width 19.6, sleeve length 8.6
[Size XL]
   length 30.3, width 22.8, shoulder width 21.2, sleeve length 9.4
[XXL (3L) ]
   length 31.8, width 24.8, shoulder width 22.4, sleeve length 9.8


▼Size worn by the wrestler
※No back numbers are attached to the items for sale.
Will Ospreay wears size L (back number 10)
Jeff Cobb player wears size XXL (back number 82)
Great-O-Kahn wears size XXL (back number 0)
Aaron Henare wears size L (number 3)
TJP wears size L (number 7)
Francesco Akira wears size M (back number 99)
Mark Davis wears size XXL (number 666)
Kyle Flecher wears size XXL (back number 98)
Gideon Grey wears size L (back number 17)