Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League Victor's Ring Replica model

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These gorgeous rings are presented to the winners of the annual Godesses of Stardom tag league. The latest winners, 7-Upp wear them with pride.

This is a high-end, exact replica of the very rings worn by the most talented female tag teams in the world. It features the design of the Goddess of Stardom championship belt.

It uses 925 silver as the main material in the design, which is considered "pure silver". The ring is finished with a sense of weight and designed by the accessory brand haraKIRI. 

This is a limited-time opportunity to get your hands on this official replica from Stardom!

Material: 925 silver
Inner diameter: No. 19 - 19.0 mm, No. 21 - 19.7 mm, No. 23 - 20.4 mm, No. 25 - 21.0 mm, No. 27 - 21.7 mm.

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